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CTEVT | Electronic Device and Circuits | Question Paper 2073 | Diploma | 2nd Year/1st Part

Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training
Office Of The Controller Of Examinations
Sanothimi, Bhaktapur
Regular/Back Exam - 2073, Falgun

Program : Diploma In Information Computer / IT Engineering
Year/Part: Second Year/First Part (New Course)
Subject: Electronic Device & Circuits
Time - 3 hrs
Full Marks - 80
Pass Marks - 32
DOWNLOAD PDF | of Question Paper | Electronic Device & Circuits | CTEVT | 2nd Year/1st Part | 2073
Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far as practicable. The figures in the margin indicate full marks.

Attempt Any Ten questions:

1. Find the maximum and minimum value of the Resistance of the Resistors having following color codes. [4x2=8]

(i) Red, Green, Blue, Gold (ii) Brown, Yellow, Black, Silver (iii) Orange, Grey, Red, Gold (iv) Green, White, Yellow, Silver

2. Define semiconductor. Explain the doping process and types of Semiconductor in detail. [8]

3. Explain the formation of depletion layer and forward characteristic of PN-Junction diode along with it's V-I characteristic curve. [3+5=8]

4. What is rectifier? Explain about Half wave Rectifier along with circuit diagram and necessary waveforms. [1+7=8]

5. "Zener diode can be used as voltage regulator". Explain. [8]

6. Explain the input & output characteristic of CE configuration in brief. [8]

7. Explain the characteristics of Class B amplifier with necessary circuit diagram. [8]

8. Differentiate between BJT and FET. Also explain about MOSFET in short. [3+5=8]

9. Explain in detail about the Hall effect devices. [8]

10. Explain about the construction and working of SCR. [8]

11. Explain short notes on: Any Two [2x4=8]
(a) Electron Vacuum Tubes (b) Opto Coupler (c) Photo voltaic Effect & solar cells (d) UJT

Check and Download Question Of Electronic Device & Circuits | CTEVT | Computer Diploma | 2nd Year/1st Part | 2073.

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