Grade 11-XI Compulsory Nepali Curriculum | Subject Code: Nep.001 | 2077 | DOWNLOAD in PDF

Compulsory Nepali
Grade/Class - 11/XI
Subject Code - Nep.001
Credit Hour - 3
Annual working hour - 96 presents you the Grade 11-XI Compulsory Nepali subject curriculum with Subject Code-Nep. 001 NEB 2077-2021. Check and download in PDF file of Compulsory Nepali Curriculum class 11-XI 2076-2020. 2077 New Curriculum of Grade 11-XI Compulsory Nepali Subject with subject code-Nep.001 and download it in PDF file. Enjoy!

1. Introduction

Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MoEST) has approved the National Curriculum Framework (NCF), 2076 addressing the changed socio-political condition of the country and the current needs of the learners. This grade 11 Compulsory Nepali curriculum has been developed in line with the spirit of the new NCF. The present curriculum addresses all four language skills with prime focus on reading and writing skills. It focuses on the types of reading and writing skills that are necessary for the students in their real life. It also includes the language functions which the students need for their further studies and the world of work. A strong grammatical foundation is also given due consideration in this curriculum. This curriculum is based on the principle that learners learn language when they get sufficient opportunity to use it in appropriate contexts. Content should not be detached from the use of language. Content and language should be integrated while teaching. Therefore, the curriculum has focused not only on language and language functions, but also on a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts which provide a meaningful context for language learning. For some students, secondary education serves as a basis for preparation for the university education, whereas for some other students, it may be a preparation for entry into the world of work. This curriculum tries to address the linguistic requirements of both types of students.

Grade 11-XI Compulsory Nepali Curriculum Subject Code:001 of the year 2077 and Download in PDF.

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Download in PDF | Grade 11-XI Compulsory Nepali Curriculum Subject Code-Nep.001 of the year 2076-2077.

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